Our Journey

About MACS

Our Journey

In 2020, our current Founding Principal, Kolt Bloxson, met with a group of friends, past colleagues, business professionals and community advocates with a dream. Her dream was to do school differently. Her dream was to provide parents with a choice of an educational journey for their children, based on their unique needs.

She believes in providing an education that allows students to reach their full potential, apply their education to improving their local and global communities and prepare them to be miles ahead of what they ever thought possible. Her dream planted the seed. The Board nurtured this seed into fruition, bringing forth Miles Ahead Charter School to families across Georgia with doors opening in August 2023.

Our Mission

To provide all students with the social and academic achievements necessary to help realize their potential for local impact and global change.

Our Educational Belief

We believe that our students require and deserve an exceptional and innovative academic program that: (1) better engages young minds in deeper learning for a complex world, (2) meets the unique needs of diverse learners, and (3) ensures high grade level achievement. MACS empowers students with academic knowledge and skills, addresses individual academic needs, prepares students to produce high-quality work, and motivates and engages them through service learning.



The MACS Difference

  • Premier Charter School located in South Cobb with statewide attendance zone

  • Build sense of Community in Students early, engaging in a diverse and academically rigorous environment

  • Coding as a Next Language, preparing scholars with strong 21st century skills

  • Whole Child Approach,  focusing on character development, social and emotional learning

  • Student Growth & Academic Achievement, providing iIndividual academic paths, no “one-size-fits-all” method

  • Engaging Our Community, partnering with more than 300 supporters, contributors, and partners

  • Career Development & Capacity Coaching for our Educators

  • Strong Board Leadership