Supply Miles Ahead – Request for Proposal

Looking to Supply Miles Ahead Charter School?

As a K-12 Charter, Miles Ahead Charter school appreciates our suppliers and vendors who work hard to work with us top serve our students.

Miles Ahead Charter School is dedicated to providing the best opportunities and resources for our students, staff and families that promote the Miles Ahead Mission.

Overall, we believe that our students require and deserve an exceptional and innovative academic program that: (1) better engages young minds in deeper learning for a complex world, (2) meets the unique needs of diverse learners, and (3) ensures high grade level achievement. MACS empowers students with academic knowledge and skills, addresses individual academic needs, prepares students to produce high-quality work, and motivates and engages them through service learning.

In this we look forward to working with the many vendors, suppliers, consultants and organizations that provide a great solution for our students.

Request for Proposals

To be considered for a Miles Ahead Charter School RFP, each vendor must submit a complete response to the solicitation using any forms, documents or directions provided, along with any other documents submitted as a part of the Proposal and considered responsive to any of our RFP’s.