Request for Proposal – Transportation Services

Request for Proposal


Overview of Opportunity

The Vendor would be responsible for the daily transport of up to 75 MACS Students (“Scholars”) in the 2024-2025 school year. The first day of school is August 5, 2024 and the last day of school is May 23, 2025. Scholars will be present at school for 176 days.

To the extent possible, drivers will have experience working with school-aged children. Scholars transported to MACS on the Morning Route must arrive to the MACS campus by 7:30am; Scholars transported from MACS on the Afternoon Route must leave MACS by 3:00pm. MACS, in collaboration with Vendor, shall be responsible for determining routes for transportation with demographic input from MACS.

Vendor should also be willing to label the bus “The Scholar Ship” so that MACS families are able to easily identify it.

MACS is requesting an annual (ten-month school year) cost for services. MACS will divide this cost by 10 to determine the monthly cost. Additionally, MACS seeks pricing for transportation for:

ONE bus with daily pickup and drop off service: A designated pickup and drop off location (i.e., Satellite Stops) for a total of five designated satellite stops (one of those stops includes MACS).

OPTIONAL Transportation Plan. Transportation rates for planned field trips throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Only single level subcontracting is allowed, and all subcontractors must be equally qualified and completely understand the scope and terms of the contract. All subcontractors must be approved by MACS prior to starting work under this contract.

All special circumstances requiring additional/revised hours must be pre-approved by the MACS Director of Operations and Treasurer of the Governing Board of Directors.

All work performed by the Vendor and its personnel will, at all times, be subject to review

and acceptance by MACS who reserves the right to modify these specifications at any time during the terms of the agreement and negotiate cost changes, if any.

Miles ahead charter school request for proposal

Request for Proposal Submission

Insurance Requirements

The Vendor shall, at its expense, procure and keep in force during the entire term of the

Agreement, General Liability and Automobile Liability Insurance to protect the Vendor, its drivers, and other personnel. The Vendor shall provide General Liability limits of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence and aggregate bodily injury and property damage and $1,000,000 Personal Injury each occurrence and aggregate; automobile liability limits of not less than $1,000,000.00 combined single limit for bodily injury and damage to property for all owned, hired, and non-owned autos, and umbrella coverage of not less than $2,000,000.00 in addition to the limits listed above. The Vendor agrees to provide MACS a certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage.


To be considered, each offeror must submit a complete response to this solicitation using the forms provided, along with any other documents submitted as a part of the Proposal and considered responsive to this RFP. No other documents submitted with the RFP and Contract will affect the Contract provisions, and there may be no modifications to the RFP and Contract language. If offeror modifies, revises, or changes the RFP and/or Contract in any manner, SFA may reject the offer as non-responsive.

See Available PDF RFP for more information

About Miles Ahead Charter School

Miles Ahead Charter School (MACS) is an authorized tuition-free, public K-8 school focused on student growth and academic achievement through a whole child approach to education. Our mission is to provide all students with the social and academic skills necessary to help them realize their potential for local impact and global change within a 21st century learning environment. Therefore, our vision is to prepare scholars to be knowledgeable, responsible individuals ensuring we live in a compassionate, digital society.

Mission of Miles Ahead Charter School

Miles Ahead Charter School is a tuition-free, public charter school authorized by the State Charter Schools Commission (SCSC) of Georgia serving grades K-4 in the 2022-2023 academic year. As an SCSC authorized school located in Austell, Miles Ahead operates as a Local Educational Authority (LEA) and has a statewide attendance zone. Miles Ahead is committed to providing an educational opportunity students may not have been afforded outside of their local options.

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