Frequently Asked Questions

Miles Ahead Charter School

Frequently asked questions.

What year and what grades will Miles Ahead start with?

Miles Ahead Charter School (we call it MACS) is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2023. We will start with four classes of Kindergarten, one class of First Grade, one class of Second grade, one class of Third Grade and one class of Fourth Grade. We will continue to add Kindergarten every year until we are at full capacity K-8.

How much does MACS cost to attend?

MACS is a public, tuition-free charter school with a statewide attendance. All you need to attend is a Georgia address.

Even if I don’t live in Cobb County, can my student(s) still attend MACS?

Yup! We are a state-commission charter school (SCSC) this means that we have a statewide attendance zone. Please feel free to enroll your student on our home page.

Will you provide transportation?

MACS will offer Satellite Bus Transportation. Satellite Bus Transportation will include select stops that are located near clusters of families that indicated their interest in transportation. Below are the current stops that MACS will conduct pick-up/drop off. Families are 100% responsible for dropping off/picking up to and from the stops:

Stop 1: LA Fitness in Austell (6:20am pick-up & 3:30pm drop-off)

Stop 2: Planet Fitness in Mableton (6:40am pick-up & 3:50pm drop-off)

Stop 3: Food Depot Lithia Springs/Austell on VMH (7:00am pick-up & 4:10pm drop off)

Stop 4: Big Air Trampoline Park in Hiram (7:30am pick-up & 4:45pm drop off)

If you are interested in satellite bus transportation, please indicate your interest on your application. 

What is EL Education?

EL Education has a specific school design model that has had success in diverse communities. EL Education was selected as the top curriculum model in 2018, has over 25 years of experience developing school design, and is currently in place at several successful metro Atlanta schools. Prior to the launching of MACS, founding team members shadowed and studied best practices at many local and nationally recognized EL schools to establish strong foundations of teaching and learning at MACS.

What are some programs that students are MACS will be offered?

MACS is different from traditional public schools in that we offer a whole child approach to education. As students grow older and enter the world, they will be judged not just on their intelligence but on the quality of their character, thus we have a curriculum that educates for mastery of skills and knowledge, character, and high-quality work. Overall, we believe in educating smart, well-rounded citizens who contribute to their local and global communities, and we founded our school on this belief. In addition, 

MACS offers a curriculum focused on 21st century skills and digital citizenship to help our students be prepared for their futures. These programs include learning coding as a language, responsible social media usage curriculum, responsible internet usage, and integrated units on computer science. Our goal is to equip students with the skills they would need to be prepared for a digitally interconnected society.

Who manages MACS?

MACS is run by a governing Board of Directors. The Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance over the nonprofit organization – Miles Ahead Charter School Inc. – that runs Miles Ahead. Some of the duties and responsibilities of our board include approving the operating budget, drafting our governing laws, and evaluating the principal.

What is “Whole Child Approach?”

Whole Child Approach is the belief that the needs of the student are at the center of all decisions driving MACS. The master schedule, routines, strategic goals, everything starts with the needs of our students, and then we build structures of support around those needs. For example, we start and end everyday with Crew time as a way for students to set goals, and reflect on how they day went. In other words, it is the belief that a school should give more than an academic foundation to kids, but that we should equip them to lead whole, healthy, happy lives.

How will MACS implement the Whole Child Approach?

Daily and through all decisions. While more than an hour per day is dedicated to what’s best for students, a whole child perspective comes into focus as we consider all decisions ranging from academics to discipline to nutrition. We prioritize what is best for the growth of a student over a bottom line. At MACS, all faculty and staff are given more than 10 hours of annual training on whole child support, and leverage this training in their approach with students daily.

Will MACS provide meals?

Yes! We are working with The Healthy Food Collaborative to design a healthy and delicious meal program for our scholars. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be served daily at MACS. Scholars are also welcome to bring their own lunches as well as refillable water bottles – if they so choose.

Will my scholar have to wear a uniform?

Miles Ahead is a uniform school. Each scholar will receive a FREE polo and t-shirt from MACS  in their “Welcome to the CREW” welcome package. Parents will be able to order additional uniform apparel directly from our vendor – Brand Evolution.

Will you offer before/after care?

MACS will offer Before/After care with *limited seating.*

Before care will operate from 6:40am – 7:30am and aftercare will  operate from 3:15pm – 6:00pm. The weekly rate for before care is $25/week and $65/week for aftercare. 


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