Georgia K-8 Stem Education


Our 4 Tenets

of Teaching & Learning

Miles Ahead is structured around the following four tenets within our instructional design of teaching and learning:


Whole Child Approach

Measuring academic success to include strong character development and cultural and global engagement


Student Growth and Achievement

Viewing students as individuals in their learning path and meeting them where they are in order to achieve growth


Purpose-Driven Learning Environment

Promoting a learning environment that includes both joy and rigor



Engaging community members and families in the activities of school life to enhance the learning of our students

With these 4 tenets, we make sure that we are focused on the key aspects of making the learning experience a positive one for all of our students.


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Atlanta Charter School Classrooms

The Student

Experience at MACS

MACS is dedicated to meeting the needs of our digital natives. This means rethinking the current practices in education and offering a curriculum that speaks to the world our students were born into. Our days for our students are filled with engagement and learning appropriate for each age group.

With their academic curriculum, students will also be engaged in innovative instruction throughout their day to reinforce the application of their learning to real world situations, as well as to continuing to develop their character as social-emotional global citizens.

Components on our innovative instruction includes:

Deeper Learning

2 Content Areas + Power Hour allows for deeper master, better teaching, and way more learning!

Expedition Day

STEM, Field Experts, Science Lab, Coding, and Performing Arts program drive a full day of immersive experiences.

21st Century Skills

Coding as a language, social media training, and computer usage training for your digital native.

Crew for SEL

Social Emotional Learning for at least 1 hour each day helps our students understand the importance of goal setting and reflection.

Georgia Charter School Systems


Education Learning Model

Formerly known as Expeditionary Learning, Miles Ahead Charter School will use this educational model to create an environment where our students and teachers are high-achievers in the classroom, and also students learn to become global contributors in our world. To learn more about this model, visit

K-8 Enrollment Plan

Miles Ahead Enrollment Plan

Innovative Instruction at MACS

Miles Ahead Innovative Instruction


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